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Best Telegram Client for Android !

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Having used various telegram clients like Plus messenger and Mobogram on android, the concept of tabulating various chats based on their type proved a great way to read relevant messages quickly. But tabulating alone is not enough nowadays when there is a huge suit of apps for telegram in offer with varying feature set. So, after some research we have finally choosen a telegram client that offers the perfect balance between features and usablility. The app is named mobogram is by far the best telegram client for android we have come across till date. We found the app through AppsTelegramBot. And since has been our go to Telegram app on android. Being based on API compaitable with blackberry10 the app can also run of blackberry 10 devices including z10, q10 etc.

Deprecated Method[Since the bot is no longer updated]: Mobogram can be downloaded from AppsTelegramBot by choosing from menu "Android", then "Mobogram v3.13.1M9.6.2 (Android)" and the bot will share with you the apk file uploaded on Telegram
The latest version available as of today is "Mobogram vM9.7.1 T3.18.0" and it can be downloaded from hereIf you find the download speed to be too slow then forward the ".apk" file message to tlgurbot. It will send you a link, that can be used to download the app via any browser of your choice. If you are unaware of the various bots available on Telegram you can start off by looking at Best Telegram Bots.

Mobogram offers the following key features:
  • Use two telegram accounts on single Android phone.
  • Ghost mode: Hide online, allows to reading messages without a second tick. You can activate “Ghost Mode” through “Mobo settings > Ghost Mode settings” section. Also, you can find a shortcut icon at the top of the app to enable/disable Ghost Mode in Mobogram. You can also hide your typing state when you are using Mobogram. You can hide your phone number from the menu. 
  • It also provides a powerful download manager that enables users to download media files from a particular contact, group, super group, or channels. And you can also determine proper file types to download from Telegram chats. Apart from that, you can also schedule this file manager to download media files. A post as to how download manager in mobogram can be used is coming soon.
  • Categorize your Telegram chats according to its type. Using this feature, you can put all your “SPORTS” channels into a “SPORTS” category. Likewise, you create a category to put personal chats to a category. In such way, you can create an unlimited number of the category. It will help users to manage their Telegram conversations more easily.
  • A list that shows updates on telegram by your contacts like ProfilePicture.
  • Separate tab for each type of conversations like supergroups, channels, bots, groups, contacts.
  • Separate tabs for unread messages and favourites.
  • Users can choose various conversations from list to appear in favourite.
  • A section to view online contact list.
  • Advanced ID search.
  • Options to perform Advanced forward and Forward without Quote .
  • Post Advanced Video.
  • Quit Group with the possibility of a return to Group.
  • Users can also monitor a specific Telegram contact using this app. That means we can get a notification when a Telegram contact is online/offline, status, photo changes, name or phone changes. You can access this feature through “Specific contacts” section in Mobogram.
Mobogram’s default language is Persian so after installing, it will open on your phone with the Persian language. Watch the following video to learn how to change Mobogram language to English.

Themeing is now an inbuilt feature in Telegram and has been incorporated into Mobogram by the developer.
However, if you wish to theme using Moboplus the following video will prove helpful to learn as to how to change Mobogram theme using Moboplus. You can download the latest version of Moboplus from here.

Well, that's all for now.
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