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Nebo: Note Taking with pen for windows (Free for limited time)

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Nebo app lets you take handwritten notes, draw, edit and then format your notes quickly and easily.  It then lets you instantly convert and transport them as digital documents. This app has been rated highly by many online websites. As we are devoid of any device to test this on, we can only say that it looks awesome from all the video reviews we have seen about it.

Nebo is designed for Windows 10 with active pen and validated with Microsoft Surface Pro and Book with Surface Pen, so it not usable by just any touch-screen laptop or desktop owners. See Nebo in action in the video below.

The app is free for a limited time (normal price Rs.5550 INR), so grab it while you can. Even if you don't own any surface book with pen input just buy it from windows app store for free now.

That's all folks!

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