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Best Telegram bots

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We had previously covered the best telegram client for android and for pc. Telegram offers an amazing programmed chat bot service that is underutilized or unknown to most of its users.Some of these bots are better than their app counterparts. So, today we bring you a list of 11 Telegram bots that you should use.
To find the bots in telegram just search for it in the Telegram search bar or click on the bot name in the list below.
@exactlyappbot is your own dictionary inside Telegram. Simply type the word in the message box of its chat thread and you will be greeted with its meaning and pronunciation, presented in the form of an actual dictionary layout.

@photosetterbot offers OCR functionality within telegram. Upload an image with some text to its chat thread. The bot will return a message with the text from the image.

It creates a URL for the image you sent to it. Simply upload your desired image in its chat thread & you will receive the URL in the form of a text message.

You can record your voice in its chat thread and tap on the send button. The bot converts the voice file into text and sends it to you.

A bot to monitor your website. This bot can prove helpful for any blogger or web developer. It can help him keep an eye on the current condition of their website.(UP or DOWN)

@URL Uploader: A Quick way to upload files to telegram by url.
Maximum file size allowed:500MB
Daily upload limit:1GB.
This bot can prove helpful if you want you to download a file that has link timeout. That is the download link will only be available to your ip for say 10min and the file size is more than the size your net connection can download in the time period then just share the link with this bot it will upload the file onto telegram and you can download it from telegram to your computer anytime later!

@URL Pro: You just have to sent the shortened url or url to shorten and it expands shortened urls and shortens long urls.

@SaveVideoBot  & @utubebot
Send video link from any video sharing websites (like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, 9gag, Soundcloud, DailyMotion, ZippCast, ...) to @SaveVideoBot and receive the media file just in a few seconds.
@utubebot is a YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader . To search youtube videos within chat type @vid <your search term>

The next three bots can be used in any chat thread by mentioning their name in the begining of the message:
In ant chat thread type in @bold before your message & select your desired formatting style. You can format your text in bold, italics and Fixedsys styles.

@imdb bot lets you search for movie details from IMDb within a chat thread. You just have to type @imdb, followed by the movie name and select the result from the list. The IMDb movie info will be sent to that contact.

Telegram’s @vid bot lets you search for a YouTube video and share the link within chat threads.  To search youtube videos within a chat, type @vid <your search term>

There are many other bots in Telegram, which are unique in their own ways and represent the individual visions of their programmers. If you find a good bot that isn’t mentioned here, do mention it in the comments section down below.

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