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Telegram gaming

As you probably know by now you can game (HTML5 gaming) from within telegram and compete with friends. The list of all games available on telegram can be found here.
For beginners, it can appear cumbersome to start gaming in telegram, so in the following steps we detail as to how to get started with gaming on Telegram.
  1. From the channel Telegram Games/our post here, choose a game you would like to play.
  2. Upon finding just tap on the "play <game-name> " button.
  3. A window pops up asking as to whom you would like to play the game with.
  4. From the windows choose the contact or group-name with whom you would like to play.
  5. A message will be shared in the contact or groups chat thread with Option to "play <game-name>" and "play with friends".
  6. The play button takes you to the game.
  7. The "play with friends" options further allows you to share the game with other contacts or groups.
This new gaming platforms in the Telegram does not require any disk space and won’t add a single byte to the size of the application.
To bring up the list of the games in the app. It is very simple and quick to bring up the list of games, users will need to type “@gamebot or @gamee or <any-bot-name-from-list-below>” in a chat then you can find the list of games provided by the bot.
There are a lot of game bots on telegram a list of which can be found below. Each bot features one or more games. Below is the list of Game Bots on Telegram.


Gamers group

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