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Android App of the week #24 2017

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"App of the week(AOTW)" is Blackberry Keyboard.

The main feature offered by blackberry keyboard is the "ctrl" key function which is performed by "?123" key on the on-screen keyboard, which enables you to perform select all, cut, copy and paste functions using the traditional shortcuts that we are accustomed to on our PCs. i.e.
"?123"+"a" - Select all
"?123"+"x" - Cut
"?123"+"c" - Copy
"?123"+"v" - Paste
"?123"+"s" - Play store
"?123"+"a" - Select all
"?123"+"m" - All apps list
"?123"+"p" - Settings
"?123"+"q" - Set Wallpaper

Since it is not available for direct download from the play store for most devices. An app called Blackberry Manager needs to be installed first, it  enables any Android phone, running 5.0 or higher, to download Blackberry applications, and keeps them up to date.
Root access is not needed in any capacity and the APK can be downloaded here.

The following steps detail as to how to enable Ctrl key in Blackberry keyboard

  1. Go to android settings.
  2. Tap > Language & input > BlackBerry Keyboard Settings > Advanced.
  3. Tap Physical keyboard Ctrl key, and then tap Left shift key or Right shift key.

Along with the control key it also offers all features as offered by the traditional keyboard apps on android. Its predictive text feature is one of a kind, which allows you to flick words up to the text entry field.

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