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Chrono Download Manager: A download manager for Chrome

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In this we will introduce you to an essential chrome extension that will surely enhance your downloading experience on Google Chrome. It is named Chrono Download Manager and is a free full featured download manager for Google Chrome. It is tightly integrated with Chrome by context menus, toolbar buttons and key shortcuts.. It takes over, all your downloads and manages them in a browser tab rather than a separate application window.

Besides being an excellent download management, Chrono Sniffer feature it offers, enables it to be an efficient video downloader and an able bulk image downloader.

Chrono Sniffer detects all links, images, audios and videos on a webpage, and you can filter URLs by their file types or by Regular Expression. It can be accessed by hitting the search button (present in the chrono popup window at top right corner) when within a website, as shown in the screenshots below. 

Along with Chrono Sniffer it also offers the following features:
  • Just one click to browse and manage your downloads from a popup list at anytime.
  • Queue/Pause/Resume/Restart/Search/Recycle your downloads.
  • Desktop notifications and sound notifications for download completion/interruption.
  • Enter multiple URLs at the same time and down them all with one-click.
  • Highly customizable task filters let you group downloads by type, date, url etc.
  • Batch descriptors help you download a range of URLs with pattern painlessly.
  • Naming Mask determines a file name for your download automatically by URL host name, sub-directories, referrer, date/time and many more.
  • Rule System uses programmable rules to set naming masks automatically for different downloads, and to route your files to different folders.

Known Issues as listed in the extension description

  • Chrono currently uses Chrome's built-in Downloads API, so it has several restrictions posed by the API. For example, you cannot pause/resume a download when you close the browser; you cannot choose file location freely, all files go into Chrome's default Download Folder (except when using the Save As dialog).
  • Chrono's dialog will still prompt after Chrome's Save As dialog closes, if both dialogs are enabled.
  • Currently the extension may not work properly in incognito mode.
  • The extension cannot be used for downloading youtube videos.

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