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Chromium based Pitch black browser for android [AMOLED]

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In our previous post we had looked at UC browser and Firefox and the ways to activate AMOLED friendly mode in these browsers. Today in this post we are here to share with you a chromium based browser, that has an AMOLED friendly "night mode" built into it. The browser is named TugaBrowser and it is available for download via the XDALabs website from here. XDA Labs has their own android app that notifies and updates the app as soon as a new version is released. You can download XDALab app here.
Since google shut down chrome sync API the history, bookmarks etc you save on chrome won't be available in Tuga and vice-versa.
TugaBrowser is a browser, specially optimized for devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, but it also works perfectly well on other devices. In other words, if your device has a Snapdragon processor, you're sure to notice a difference in performance compared to Chrome and other browsers.
In order to activate the night mode go to settings in the browser and turn on the "night mode". It basically inverts the website element colors (except images) that are not black.

At first glance, TugaBrowser looks a lot like Google Chrome, after all it is chromium based. It won't take you long to find some interesting differences, though. For example, you can change your default search engine with just a tap, cycling easily between Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

Tapping the favicon on a webpage gives you access to the Smart Protect options. From there you can configure all your security options for that page: unblock popups (which are blocked by default), disable JavaScript, allow Autoplay, and much more.

TugaBrowser is a powerful and versatile browser that offers a familiar browsing experience while also providing lots of super interesting options. Its worth an install even if your device does not sport a AMOLED screen.

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